About me

Hi, my name is Ana,
I am a multilingual actress based in Amsterdam,
trained on Strasberg and Meisner technique,
a lifelong learner,
and a film lover.
Scroll down to learn more about me.

About me

I am a Lisbon-born, multilingual actress based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I work internationally and I am available to travel. I recall performing in theatre plays since a very young age. At the age of 13, I joined a theatre group and enrolled in various acting courses (e.g. acting for TV and Cinema) at renowned acting schools in Portugal. While I am proud of my journey of over 20 years of stage experience, my focus has evolved from theatre to screen acting.

After a small detour in my personal & professional life, I am now fully dedicated to my acting career, particularly screen acting. Recently, I starred in short films and a music video of a Dutch artist where I played the lead role.

I am an avid movie enthusiast, whether it’s the great classics of the cinema, art house films or inspiring modern movies. I get blown away with the performance of inspiring actors like Marlon Brando, Daniel Day-Lewis or Meryl Streep. If you have a good movie suggestion, please do drop me a line. I also love travelling, nature walks, learning new skills, and spending quality time with my family and my close friends.

In addition to acting, I work as a marketing manager, a role that also keeps me creative and on my toes.

I look forward to connecting and working with you!